How Can Coaching and Hypnosis Change My Life?

The dual process of life coaching and hypnotherapy is a powerful combination to access the subconscious in order to achieve long-held desires and goals that may have been illusive. Our practices go beyond surface "fixes." Our clients quickly discover their unique path toward lasting change to powerfully create a more peaceful, productive and purposeful life. 


a step-by-step guide to develop a practice of radical self-love


What is Hypnosis and how will it help me?


The process of journaling to obtain clarity to achieve long-held goals 


Payne's gently guiding tone and her array of useful tips--such as 10 specific routes into journaling--will be particularly helpful to those just starting out in the search into self. Inspiring workbook on fostering a more authentic, joyful life. - Kirkus Review


ESP: Extreme Self-Pampering for the Soul reflects our core philosophy that the seeds of greatness, peace, healing, and love are within you.